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The Shrieks From Below
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The Shrieks From Below I'm not even going to start labelling this one. I haven't a clue which direction the band is going in and I suspect neither does the band. That doesn't stop this release being a compelling listen. Favorite track: We Bare the Mark.
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The Älgfroden was believed to be Icelandic or Nordic in nature, consisting of a creature with a human's body with features of a Moose. This creature was believed to be captured by the Vikings and released into the New World years before civilization to end it's reign of terror on the people. Some say this removal from its own kind embodied the beast with supernatural powers and immortality. On a cold night in Northern Maine and parts of Canada you can still here it's cries off the Northern winds.


released December 12, 2013

Ira Jones
John McKusick
Norm Lariviere



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Moosataur Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Fuzzy Belly
Something stirs
in the leaves
something moving
we should leave

Here Now

Something moving
on the ground
don't make a noise
don't make a sound

Here Now
Track Name: Blood of the Hunted
The Dark Ones ride through the forest at night
His gazed affixed to an orange distant light
A black cloud rises through the air
As snow falls to the ground

Gaining speed he approaches
Bodies lie strewn about
Some trying to get inside
The others try to get out

The Blood of the Hunted
Rising on the wind
So unclean is the air
that draws them in

The curse is calling
The sentence is death
What now will you say
with your dying breath?
Track Name: We Bare the Mark
Of oak ash and thorn
Fur hooves and horn
The embers still glow
Off the sheen of the snow
Our bones know this cold
From the days of old

We bare the mark

But darkness encroaches
And soon will enshrine
Like smothering tendrils
Dead on the vine
Knowing what must be done
To return to the sun
But there is no more life
on the surface to be found

We bare the mark
Track Name: The Endless Void
The Endless void beyond the night sky
Echoing through time
Beckons me to fly
What have I become

Last time I saw your face it was bloodied
Stoic eyes to the sky
Cold as stone

Windows are opening before my eyes
The glass breaks and all I see are memories that fade
and I can't pay no mind as the slip by never to be seen again
and I don't miss you my friend
Track Name: Moosataur
In the forest of Northern Maine
There lives such a creature
To disturb the night, To become the wilderness
Is its only reason for existence
I think you know what I mean

He stalks the night
The only living creature who has
Such things to say of pain and of loneliness
The only one of his kind

The Moosataur
The night is his only love
The Moosataur
he has no children for to live on his name
The Moosataur
In Northern Maine and parts of Canada
The Moosataur
Such things in store, He lives beyond the grave
The Moosataur
His children call his name from beyond the grave
The Moosataur
A slave to the darkness, feeding on your blood
The Moosataur

Like the bark of the trees
Through his antlers feels the breeze
The Wolf, The Mountain Lion
All heed his call
None shall face the Moosataur

He stalks the night
Lonely in his grave
He's coming back for vengeance upon
The loggers of the north.

Destroyer of the woods
He fights for his homeland and he shall prevail
for he is the last of his kind
The Moosataur

The Moosataur