The Legend of Lobster Lake

by Moosataur

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Based on a true story. Set in the 1930s at Mt. Katahdin Park Game Preserve in Northern Maine. Three hunters set out on a big game hunt only to experience the true nature of fear itself. They encounter the rarely seen Specter Moose of Lobster Lake and take its life. The next morning the awake to find to Moose has disappeared. They set off into the wilderness to find their prize but to no avail. That night while they sleep, they are attacked by the M O O S A T A U R. What happens next???? Listen and find out in: Moosataur: The Legend of Lobster Lake.


released September 5, 2015

Moosataur is:
Ira Jones - Bass Guitar
Norm Lariviere - Drums
John McKusick - Guitars and Vocals

Recorded at Paradox Lost Studios, Ayer, MA
Captured by Norm, Mixed by John



all rights reserved


Moosataur Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Specter Moose

Today we step into these woods
From Moosehead Lake to Mount Kathadin
The trophy prize The spirit Moose
Written of in myth and legend
Fifteen feet tall, two thousand pounds
With antlers two feet through the velvet
They say it can’t be taken down
Bullets seem to pass right through him
With ghost white skin it disappears
In and out of this dimension

The Specter Moose is living
Somewhere in these woods he’s hidden
We must now claim this monster
and become the greatest hunters known

The day has come we set up camp
at the base of chair back mountain
We walked until the road got damp
An eerie bog lay just beyond those hills
The wood got darker and much colder
a misty fog was creeping cross the mire
These trees appear to be much older
Something in them staring right through me

The Specter Moose appears
The beast of a hundred years
Our minds lost into this vision
We raise up our guns and shoot it down

The night is closing in on us
we can not bring the beast back
its too late and much to heavy
hang the body up and slit its throat

so that it bleeds out entirely
we’ll come back to clean the body
and we'll take the head tomorrow
for now though lets go back to camp
and go to sleep.
Track Name: The Apparition Manifests
Last night I fell into the strangest dream
the sky was ominously grey as far as could be seen
I made my way to the garden, fallow and unsown
as I dug into the earth I found a skull of bone

staring right back at me

As I raised it up and looked into its eyes
the figure of an apparition began to materialize
the mist surrounding me began to become clear
as the body of this spirit appeared

Its Icy hand pointing to the wood
It could only mean one thing

We walked to the the tree line as it began to dissipate
It seemed as though the forest itself controlled its fate
just then a whisper spoke of revenge
a light pierced my eyes I began to awaken
Track Name: Into the Woods
Before the rising of the dawn
they awoke to find the moose was gone
it disappeared into the night
and is no where in sight

but dead moose don’t just
get up and walk away
to see the rise of the sun
at the break of the day
this is something, can’t explain
and its fucking with my brain

into the woods
after the beast
into the dark and unknown

a trail of blood led out of camp
back into the murky damp
something wild was out this day
telling us to go away

the trail us to a dead end
but the story doesn’t end here my friend
the day was lost so we returned
with nothing but a sunburn

into the woods
after the beast
into the dark and unknown

and he carried the bodies
back through the forest
and into a cave
and thats where they’ll remain
Track Name: Carry On (Mighty Warrior)
Carry on, Step into the river
Carry on, Travel through the water,
Carry on, Sink into the river
Carry on, Travel through the mirror
Carry on, Disappear forever

Carry on, Mighty Warrior
Carry on, Sink into the river
Carry on, Mighty Warrior
Carry on, Travel through the mirror

And as you travel through the water
you appear on the other side
and as you travel through the mirror
where they run, where they hide
Mighty Warrior
Mighty Warrior
Be Reborn Again
You're born again
Mighty Warrior